Redecorating Your Home With Mexican Elements of Interior Design

Since people nowadays prefer a more relaxed way of living, certified interior decorators have turned their attention to casual decorative styles, knowing that redecorating your home with design elements specific to these styles will deliver unique and valuable interiors. Mexican interior design is a remarkable and sophisticated mean of home redecoration, focusing on earthly inspirations, vivid colours and handcrafted accessories.

Interior furnishing is gilded with decorative sculptures and has fittings made of decorative plates or wrought iron. Choose seemingly unfinished furniture elements that are durable and resistant and cover them with various fabrics and vivid coloured decorative cushions.

Faience tiles, stone or wood are flooring finishes specific to this decor that are complemented with vibrant coloured carpets used to define the space. Wool fabrics, such as the traditional Navajo carpets, are hand sewn and display nature inspired motifs. Their manufacture represents a piece of the Mexican cultural heritage. These carpets are made of several stripes of material that are sewn altogether after being interlaced, woven and folded by hand. They are enriched by the various colors they embed and by the nature inspired motifs they display, such as flowers and animals.You can use either these or similar carpets displaying the fundamental Mexican colours like red, yellow, orange or blue, which will also fit the furniture colour palette.

Redecoration services also regard the walls that are generally made of plaster and affect various textures. Using the Mexican tones, give the walls a natural weather-stained aspect that will deliver a certain rustic aspect to your interior redesign. Increase the visual appeal by adding to your walls geometric motifs and ribs and decorate them with Mexican artwork or framed photographs of natural sceneries. Always keep in mind to deliver a relaxing, welcoming and light decor.

Complement the interior decoration range with decorative plants in clay pots, wooden candlesticks and twines for the little things. Since wrought iron is a typical Mexican element, you can use it thoroughly within your interior setting – chandeliers, table frames or recessed lighting fittings on the walls. Water is an important resource and Mexicans deeply cherish it, using it in their home remodeling ideas in the guise of stone small scale fountains or natural motifs displayed on fabrics or wall decorations, drawing a rustic touch to the interior setting.